Lankhmar - City of Adventure

A Day in the Life

The day began like any other for Scanner Bark, awaking in Beggar’s Ally in the Marsh district. Face crusted with the vomit of another vagrant and quickly realizing that he had once again been relieved of his most prized possession. The spyglass that had once belong to his father was gone, of that he was almost certain. Almost as he fast as he thought of it, the spyglass was once again safe in his hand. The tarnished brass and deeply gouged wood comforted him by its familiar feel. He tucked it in to his belt and gave a whistle to his constant companion. Beggar, a scotch terrier with a crimped ear, joined him and they headed for the mission to find something to fill the void left by the wine in his belly.

For Bai Yuan, the day started early, his mentor insisted that they see the tinker known simply as Quarrels. Word had come that a device that the master had commissioned was ready to be picked up. The master also told Bai Yaun that tonight there would be a job, the first in which Bai would play a central role in.

The rescue mission is operated by the Temple of Ilala and administered by a pleasant and attractive priestess named Sharas. While in queue for his ration of watery gruel, Scanner Bark is approached by a street thug of the Bloody Blades. Kervis the scar-faced leader of the Blades desires a meeting with the cur. Kervis makes a simple offer, 15 gold rilks in exchange for Scanner Barks sword in an impending battle the Blades mortal enemies the Razors, another cleverly named street gang vying for control of the Marsh district. Scanner Bark accepts this offer although Beggar, now a decrepit and blind dachshund bitch, was somewhat less enthused but too distracted by a sweet roll to make her displeasure known. Kervis, disgusted by Scanner’s hygiene dispatched him to the public bath, chaperoned by Pear-Pox face, a trusted lieutenant of the bloody blades.

Bai Yuan and her Master arrived at the workshop of Quarrels just after mid day and he quickly lost interest in what the old men were nattering on about and he decided to tidy up the work shop just a little for it was in desperate need of some organization. Through the course of his explorations he uncovered the foot and ankle a suit of metal armor fit for a giant. Intrigued, this discovery was short lived for the master called Bai over to attend a demonstration of the device the tinker had constructed. It was a crossbow bolt that concealed a grapnel in its head and a crossbow large enough to fire it. Quarrels had also developed a derivation of the ammunition that would affix itself securely in a wood or stone wall. After a demonstration of this “improvement” of Quarrels design the Master’s evaluation is that it makes too much noise to be useful to the discerning thief. Their business concluded, Bai and the Master leave Quarrels’ workshop behind to make preparations for the evenings work.

Having completed his endeavors at the public baths, Scanner Bark, his shepherd mix dog Beggar, and Pear-Pox face were accosted in the street by the leader of the Razors, Ossim and two of his exceptionally dim witted thugs. Through the use of a clever subterfuge and a tidy sum of gold Ossim convinced Scanner Bark to cross the Bloody Blades and side with the Razors. Pear-Pox face was sent running back to Kervis to deliver the bad news. After seeing the ostentatious retreat of the Razors, Scanner bark’s chihuahua, Beggar expressed his disgust with the whole situation by reliving a comically full bladder on some of Ossim’s expensive rugs. It was then that Bootlicker, an effective, if short sighted member of the Razors, decided that this new hire was a mistake and had to be dealt with permanently.


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